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About Lockwood

Lockwood takes pride in not only the quality and durability of its projects, but also the ease of build for its clients. It’s important to choose a trustworthy and reputable building company to partner with, which is why so many clients worldwide choose Lockwood.

Lockwood Group Limited, was founded in 1951 with the idea of utilising New Zealand Radiata Pine in an innovative and distinctive engineered building system.

Originally developed and patented by Dutch-born architect and engineer, Jo La Grouw Snr, as a construction alternative for the New Zealand market, Lockwood still enjoys an unsurpassed reputation as a provider of premium quality timber buildings and has become an iconic name in the industry.

The precisely machined components that form our buildings are manufactured in Rotorua, New Zealand at our production facilities, to exacting standards. Our team of skilled craftsmen are committed to consistent quality and production standards, with a deep sense of pride in this family owned business and to the final outcome of a safe, secure and quality experience for our valued clients.

The Lockwood Building System has gone on to prove its adaptability and performance credentials in a wide range of Commercial buildings around the globe. From the simplest to the most contemporary architectural applications, the system offers high design flexibility. Lockwood’s internationally acknowledged expertise in the design and fabrication of laminated timber beams and other specialised building components, adds further depth to the system’s unique design flexibility.

Lockwood creates naturally superior solid timber buildings – for the good of the communities that study, worship, meet, celebrate or convalesce in them; and for the good of our environment.

System Applications

The Lockwood Building System has been successfully and cost-effectively used in New Zealand and 30 countries around the globe. The flexibility of our unique building system is perfect for commercial applications.

Lockwood have designed and built;