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The Lockwood System combines exceptional quality materials and meticulous engineering standards in a construction process that delivers durability and performance. With a reputation for designing and constructing earthquake and cyclone resistant buildings, Lockwood has exported to Japan, Australia, the Pacific Islands and the Middle East. With the added assurance of Lifemark® accreditation you can feel confident in Lockwood’s design standards of accessibility, adaptability, usability, safety and lifetime value.

With this depth and breadth of products and services, Lockwood is able to comprehensively meet the demands of supplying a quality product to suit your requirements.

Depending on application and client needs, the Lockwood package can be limited to the key building system components, or extended to include a complete range of supplementary materials including everything from kitchen to electrical systems, plumbing fitments, light fittings, floor coverings, window treatments and appliances.

All Lockwood supplied components are packed in a quality-assured process, designed to maximise on site efficiencies and minimise construction time.

Lockwood technical personnel are on call when and as required to provide factory-based or on-site technical support and after sales service to all our valued Lockwood clients.