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The physical characteristics of Lockwood components and structures means that, subject to design and size, they are ideally suited to remote locations and can easily be containerised and transported to site. Project sites can be prepared whilst the Lockwood building components are being manufactured with delivery timed to meet pre-determined objectives. Lockwood Building System components are precision manufactured in a controlled factory environment without susceptibility to inclement weather or other site environmental risks. They are then carefully packaged and delivered to site.

Once the components arrive on site, assembly and erection can start immediately. The build can be carried out by a minimum number of trained personnel, who are able to combine a broad range of construction skills with specialist Lockwood building techniques. This ensures optimum quality control along with speed and efficiency of completion.

As a simple example, a 2 man specialist team can erect a typical house-sized building of 120m² from floor to roof on in as little as 2-3 weeks, with minimum additional involvement required from other trades and suppliers.